Why Not Delay The Affordable Care Act Forever?

If the most popular “fix” to the Affordable Care Act has been to delay it, you have to ask the question what is the end game for fixing the Affordable Care Act? Delaying the Affordable Care Act has been a simple and popular “fix” for the Administration. If the delay is successful with its targeted population in 2014 then the politics gets even stronger to continue to delay major provisions of the Affordable Care Act till a more opportune time. That opportune time does not look like it is going to be 2015 or 2016. The longer this delay goes on the more likely the voters will be more confortable that there will never be a opportune time. At some point the “Doc Fix Follies” becomes the political model for health care reform. So why should a politician attempt to “fix” the Affordable Care Act when repeated delays is the simple, popular, and successful political answer?