You Can’t Buy Insurance Until Next November

Healthcare-Lunchbox128.jpgLast month I wrote a post, Year-Round Sales Of Health Plans, that acknowledged a common fallacy I heard from folks looking at going without health insurance is that they could go get a health insurance plan anytime they needed one. John Goodman wrote a nice article on the subject, You Can’t Buy Insurance Until Next November, at The Independent Institute. Here was my comment,

Nevada mandates year-around sales of health plans, http://www.kaiserhealthnews.or…. It may sound counter-intuitive to Affordable Care Act supporters but insurance companies and exchanges should grab customers whenever they can if they want to reduce the number of uninsured. The biggest threat to the exchanges is that healthy customers might get comfortable going without health insurance. I asked my state representative to submit a bill mandating year-around sales of health plans and he said he would look at it.

I hate to give advice to Affordable Care Act supporters since I am pretty happy with all of the delays but my inner MBA says if you want the exchanges to work, you have to start running them like a business. I have seen Christmas stores that are open longer during the year than the exchanges.