Columbus RiverWalk At Night

Columbus Riverwalk at nightWe were in Columbus, Georgia, over the weekend. Our son is in the Army and his first assignment is Germany. He was flying out on Monday so we went down there to say goodbye. Being somewhat of a beer snob we went to the Cannon Brewpub for dinner. I got the sampler tray of the beers and several of the beers were stale. This is not what you expect to get when the brewery is this close to the table. The saving grace was that the food was much better than I expected. After dinner we took a relaxed stroll down the river walk and I took this shot of the river. Just over the railing you can see the old Columbus mill and to the left the old powerhouse. At one time that mill was the largest cotton mill in the United States. The company closed in 1998  and the mill recently reopened as an apartment complex.