The Perfect Platform For A Plausibly, Deniable Attack On A Political Enemy Is The IRS

KoskinenEvery time I watch the heated house hearing on the IRS targeting scandal video I am struck with how Mr. Koskinen reminds me of Colonel Jessup in the movie, A Few Good Men. When Mr. Camp asks for an apology we get a smug almost arrogant smile. When he gets in the verbal brawl with Mr. Ryan I keep expecting him to yell,

You can’t handle the truth! The IRS has always been the political weapon of choice for the party in the White House and always will be. You see the missing emails as a fault in the system, I see it as the IRS adapting to modern times. You create laws requiring email retention, we find a way around them. As soon as the emails are transferred to the local disk drives, they are as good as gone!  Whether Ms. Lerner deleted them or a disk drive crash made them unavailable, what difference does it make now? How else can we protect these political operatives who in turn protect our budget?  We won, you lost! In three years your party may be in charge and you will want our help.

For a trip down memory lane here is the clip from A Few Good Men.