Virginia Tech is the 3rd best college campus in the US

I have to brag a little about one of my alma maters, Virginia Tech. Business Insider says it is the 3rd best college campus in the US. A couple of years ago I took my gave my son a guided tour of Virginia Tech. We were going to my niece’s wedding in Charlottesville so a stop at Virginia Tech was along the way. At this time he was planning on going to West Point but he had been accepted at Virginia Tech, too.  I thought this was just a fun diversion. We arrived on  a Friday so it was a school day. It has been many years since I found myself wandering through campus on a school day. My son got a first hand glimpse at what college students and college life look like. It was fun. I reminisced about classes I took in the various buildings. My son wanted to visit the ROTC office so we wandered in that direction. When I was at Virginia Tech participation in the Corp was at an all time low. The Vietnam war had just ended and not many young people wanted a military life. I did not know a single person in the Corp so I only knew in a general sense where the ROTC buildings were located.  I got us in the vicinity before we finally resorted to looking at a map. Several students noticed our confusion and stopped to offer help. One of them knew where it was located and provided directions to the Military building. Although we had not planned on talking to the Commandant the secretary offered to check and see if he was available. He was available. He was a cheerful, helpful guy who answered my son’s questions. He was an older embodiment of the friendly students who gave us directions to the building. I was impressed with everyone’s friendliness. Evidently my son was impressed, too. The next day he announced that he was going to Virginia Tech.


Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Blacksburg, Virginia

Virginia Tech’s campus has the exclusive use of Hokie Stone, a combination of different colored limestone, which adorn most of its buildings and other campus features, including a memorial to the 2007 massacre at the school.

Blacksburg, Virginia, where the campus is located, is the largest town in Virginia and boasts close relations with the university. V.T. also took home the top spot in campus food.