Tomato Pie

I made this tomato pie yesterday using this recipe from Simply Recipes. This is the time of the year we get creative with tomatoes and this meal was simply delicious!? I blanched some ripened tomatoes from the garden and removed the seeds and skin. Removing the seeds and liquid is the key lesson I learned from the first time I made this dish. Otherwise the dish gets too sloppy. While I was baking the pie crust I coarsely chopped the tomatoes and tossed them with some fresh cut basil leaves and some chopped red onion. If it looks like a very appealing tomato salad you are half way home. Next I added a splash of mayonnaise to two cups of shredded cheese in a mixing bowel and then mixed it with a little bit of Tabasco and a sprinkling of salt and pepper. By now the pie crust is ready and you can assemble the pie. After thirty minutes of baking you should have something like this picture.