Affordable Health Care Is Getting Harder Every Day

Healthcare-Lunchbox128.jpgIt wasn’t supposed to be this way but affordable health care is getting harder every day thanks to the Affordable Care Act. The likelihood that I will start 2015 without health insurance is growing every day. Today I was talking to my boss about a HRA replacement and he said that Zane’s HRP idea will not work for us. Both my boss and I have grandfathered plans that are probably not eligible to be used in a HRP arrangement.

A couple of hours later Tom was commenting on my post, Affordable Care Act Loser #7 – Health Reimbursement Account, and provided a link to to a discouraging article called, Guidelines For Using Reimbursement Arrangements Under The Affordable Care Act. Although I cannot find a date for the article the author plainly makes the point that "because employer dollars (i.e., employer contributions/reimbursements) are being used to pay for health care (i.e., the individual market plan), a Section 105 Medical Reimbursement Plan is by definition a “group health plan” under the Code". Yea, that sucks! Even though I like my health care plan and the HRA reimbursement arrangement, I cannot keep either of them. I sure wish the Affordable Care Act supporters would stop trying to help me. With friends like that who needs enemies!