Voters Think Obama’s Plan Makes More Middle Class Taxes Likely

When President Obama says he wants to help the middle class by taxing the rich, I get worried. I cynically associate his idea to President Reagan’s nine scariest words, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” It is still fresh in my mind President Obama claims that the Affordable Care Act would allow me to keep my insurance plan if I wanted and that it would lower my health insurance costs. Since my health insurance costs are rising rapidly I think I have a very good reason to be skeptical of Democratic politicians when they say they want to help the middle class. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. What surprised me was this Rasmussen poll showed that there are a lot of people who are leery of the President’s latest claims. Here is one the more intriguing statements in the report.

One reason for the opposition may be that 66% of all voters think that if the president and Congress agree to a plan that raises taxes on wealthy Americans, it’s likely that middle-class taxes will go up, too. Thirty percent (30%) consider that unlikely. But this includes 33% who say a middle-class tax hike is Very Likely and just five percent (5%) who consider it Not At All Likely.

From the Rasmussen poll it looks like the President and the Democratic party have a trust issue with 66% of the population. This trust issue reminded me of this chart from a Gallup poll before the last election. The Rasmussen poll appears to confirm that the “the way federal gov’t works” is still a more important issue to most people than “wealth and income distribution” issue.