Winter Ales

IMG_20141212_183531I drank this beer last month after drinking a Fat Tire from the tap at Jungle Jim’s Pint night. New Belgium was the sponsor this night. Since Jungle Jim’s bar was having gas problems and it looked like pulling stout was more problematical than pulling the Fat Tire ale.  Especially during the winter months I like dark beers so I bought a bottle of Salted Belgian Chocolate Stout. It is an intriguing beer with a definite chocolate taste to it. It might be a beer I would take to party since it is a conversation piece but it is a little too expensive for my general consumption.
IMG_20150125_164726A more affordable brew is this Holiday Ale I brewed in November. It had a little sweet taste with a hint of spices when I brewed it but that has all but disappeared with the bottle conditioning. I think the malty flavor is overwhelming the spices now.  I really like the Irish Stout I brewed last year but it is gone. So now I am left with the Holiday Ale, some Irish Red Ale, and a Winter Ale that I should be bottling soon.