What Is The Chance Of A Measles Outbreak At Disneyland?

The Instapundit and I are puzzled by the measles outbreak. If Jane The Actuary’s immunization rates are correct then it looks like measles should be pretty difficult to spread. Yet we have this statement in the Yahoo article, Disneyland Measles Outbreak Isn’t Largest In Recent Memory — This Is, that 100 measles cases have been linked to Disneyland.

More than 100 measles cases in half a dozen states have been linked to people who visited or worked at Disneyland in December or exposure to infected people who went there. California health officials on Wednesday reported 99 measles cases including six new infections with a Disneyland connection.

So I understand how measles outbreak in an Amish community would be the largest in recent memory. You probably have a lot of people who were not immunized due to religious reasons. When I think of Disneyland customers, this is wrong demographic to not be immunized for measles for religious or financial reasons. Disneyland customers should be the demographic that exceeds the reported immunization rates. Is there something unique about Disneyland that causes it to attract a crowd with much lower than average immunization rates? I doubt the Amish or other groups with religious objections to vaccinations were Disneyland customers that day. Are our immunization rates suspect? I wonder what the measles immunization rate of Disneyland employees is? The reporting on this outbreak sounds more like demagoguery rather than asking the serious scientific questions of how did measles get to Disneyland and why did so many people get infected.