If Reducing Nuclear Proliferation In The Middle East Is The Goal Then Why Is Israel and Saudi Arabia Not At The Table With Iran?

If the Administration’s goal is to prevent Iran from developing or getting a nuclear weapon then you have to wonder why the countries with the most to lose are not at the table with the Iran. If the United States is abandoning their traditional role as the world’s cop then who cares what the United States thinks anymore? The omission of Israel and Saudi Arabia is intriguing. Even though Israel maintains that they “would not be the first country to “introduce” nuclear weapons to the Middle East”, there are plenty of rumors about how close Israel was to using nuclear weapons when they thought their forces were about to be over-run. So you would have to think that a “limited nuclear war” is still part of their war plans today. Saudi Arabia is concerned if not panic stricken over Iran’s desire for nuclear weapons.  Once upon a time they could afford to sit idly on the sidelines while the victims of terrorism was Israel or the United States but with Sunni-Shiite wars to the North and South of them. The idea that Iran might either attack them or black mail them is now a real threat. If we use the Camp David Accords as the model, then Israel, Iran, and Saudi Arabia have to be the major players in reducing nuclear proliferation negotiations.