Is The Comparison Between The Obama And Nixon Scandals A Fair One?

The Washington Examiner asked the question whether the comparison between the Obama and Nixon Scandals a fair one and this was my answer.

For the middle class the comparison between the Obama and Nixon scandals is not only fair but a necessary step for a well-functioning government. The biggest threat to a well-functioning government has always been that the political class might corrupt the IRS or the FBI in their dogged pursuit of political advantages. Fortunately IRS commissioner, Donald C. Alexander, refused to launch audits of the people on Nixon’s Enemies list. He recognized the seriousness of the problem and being a good leader he did the right thing.

The middle class probably more than any other group wants the government but especially the IRS to be effective, non-partisan, and follow the rule of law. In my life I had the opportunity to talk to IRS personnel several times. In every case I found them to be professional, courteous, and respectful. Never once did I question their motives or integrity. The IRS was good at what they did so I naturally assumed that their leaders shared these same virtues. This is the essence of a well-functioning government. So I was shocked and embarrassed when I heard the testimony of Ms. Lerner and Mr. Koskinen. Instead of leaders who are trying to lead a good agency into a great one, we have Ms. Lerner pleading the fifth and Mr. Koskinen making excuses for being unable to find her emails. Based on their testimony I find myself questioning their motives and integrity all the time. President Obama as the chief executive officer of the Executive branch has achieved what President Nixon only dreamed of, a corrupt IRS. In two years President Obama will be gone but we will still have a corrupt IRS.