When Did The NSA Know About Ms. Clinton’s Private Email Server And What Did They Do About It?

When you listen to Christie and Paul go at on the national stage to debate the proper place for the NSA in the fight against terrorists you have to believe that the NSA is actively searching the internet for terrorists and security leaks and either the NSA or the CIA knew about the Clinton email server.  For those folks familiar with the Bourne Ultimatum movie you have to believe that alarms where going off in Langley since top secret information was passed via email in plain-text. As an old IT guy you have to believe that if our favorite spooks can pick “Blackbriar” out of a cell  phone call then they it should be really easy for the NSA or CIA to pick out top secret information from of un-encrypted email text. For foreign security agencies the idea that top secret information being transmitted via plain-text was either a godsend or a trap. If we assume that Ms. Clinton was the patsy then did the NSA or the CIA use her to transmit misinformation? Is this a case of the security agencies making lemonade from a bowl of lemons?