The Irony Of Watching The President Speak About ISIS And Gun Control During A Concealed Carry Class

A couple of weeks ago my wife told me that my Christmas present was a concealed carry class and gun. Yesterday I was waiting for my time on the range when I found myself watching President Obama talk about ISIS and gun control. Since I had not shot a gun in two years, I was nervous. So while my mind was racing through the checklists,  I could see the image of the President trying to make his case for increased gun control. It was surreal. It was as if he was making one last plea to me before I took the final part of my concealed carry test. I can see his face but I cannot remember a word he said. His plea was falling on deaf ears. When it comes down to the safety of my family whose advice should I trust, our President or my wife?  The answer was obvious. A few minutes after his speech ended I went to the range and passed the test. Sorry, President Obama, I moved on.