Will Clinton Supporters Occupy A Federal Building If Ms. Clinton Gets Indicted?

jailI wonder if the government indicts Ms. Clinton and recommends a sentencing comparable to that they used on the re-sentencing of the Hammond ranchers, her supporters will attempt to occupy a federal building. It would attract a lot of attention even though it is highly unlikely it would change the outcome. If the government continues to follow the letter of the law like they did in the Hammond ranchers case, then it is highly likely Ms. Clinton will be indicted, convicted, and serve jail time. However distressing this outcome will be to her supporters it will be consistent with the treatment other people have received from the courts when they mishandled classified and top secret materials. If leniency is not available to the Hammond ranchers for a lesser crime, why should Ms. Clinton and her supporters expect a different outcome when her crime may be one of the worst national security mistakes I have seen in my lifetime?