DIRECTV Error Code 771 And Snow

When I arrived home yesterday I was surprised that Fox News was not on the television. My wife is a big fan. Occasionally we have problems receiving the Direct TV signal in rain storms but today we had a light snow and it stopped hours ago. Was this was this manna from heaven or the first step of some conspiracy to shut down Fox News? After completing the Direct TV Error Code 771 recommendations, we called Direct TV and set up an appointment. Later that night while I was giving the horses their nightly hay, I thought about the problem and decided to take a look at the antenna. Yup, the dish was full of snow. It is surprising we got any channels at all! So I pulled out the step ladder and using a brush we use to clean ceiling fans, brushed the snow out of the dish. By the time I got upstairs my wife had already noticed that Fox News was back on the air. As Red Green once said,

If the women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.