How To Curb Violence At Trump Rallies

To curb violence at Trump rallies I think we should borrow some ideas from the success concealed carry licensing has had with reducing gun violence. To paraphrase my liberal friends, what we need are some common sense protest laws. If concealed carry laws are an appropriate accommodation for 2nd amendment concerns then a similar set of laws should be appropriate for the 1st amendment concerns. My proposal is that if a prospective protester wants to protest against a political candidate at the candidate’s rally, that protester should go through an eight hour training class, get a back ground check, ¬†and apply for a registered protester card. To be fair it should be a photo identification card and cost about the same as a concealed carry license. Just the paperwork alone should scare off all but the serious protesters who actually have a legitimate issue they are protesting against. I am sure that if registered protesters demonstrate the same respect and courtesy that concealed carry holders have for the fellow human beings, the violence at campaign rallies can be avoided.