Searching For Donald Trump’s Voice

I am ambivalent about Mr. Trump’s chances of being elected president but I have always wondered whether he would have that presidential moment that brings people different groups of  people together for a common cause. Tonight I heard a very good speech by Mr. Kasich about Israel. There was a lot of stuff he said that I could agree with. My wife gushed over the speech. She voted for him in the primary but I have to agree with her, it was a very good speech. It was everything we would want from a presidential candidate.

Then Mr. Trump spoke and something mysterious happened. My wife, a Kasich supporter, gushed over it even though he said approximately the same stuff as Mr. Kasich. There was something about his delivery that conveyed that he actually meant it. Something that connected with her. She actually thought Trump’s speech was better than Mr. Kasich’s speech! Based on the audience response I think he connected and won some people over. I was kind of surprised.  After all of these weeks he was sounding presidential. He may not be Bill Clinton but we have to start to recognize that he has some of Bill’s magic of connecting with the common man and woman. Sorry Hillary, but Trump and Bill Clinton have it and you do not. He won my wife over! At some point Peggy Noonan has to wondering if Mr. Trump has finally found his presidential voice like Reagan did. Are we in for something special?