Most Gun Control Advocates Sound Like Idiots

I am surprised that gun control advocates are not doing a better job convincing people like me to stop carrying a concealed weapon. The key for me is a common sense terrorism plan that prevents terrorist attacks like we saw in Orlando. Obviously Orlando is another botched terrorism prevention effort like we saw in Paris, San Bernadino, and Brussels. Even to a new concealed carry person like me when President Obama and Ms. Clinton talk about more gun controls as their way to fight terrorism, they sound like idiots. It sounds like the only tools they have to prevent “he who shall not be named” terrorism is gun controls. As I said back in January the President had a chance to make my wife and me feel safe and now we have moved on. Now it looks like the gays have moved on, too. It looks like the only common sense terrorist prevention plan is to #ShootBack.

West Hollywood ShootBack Photo from BearingArms

West Hollywood ShootBack Photo from