The Democratic Party’s Continuing Problem With Trustworthiness

A reoccurring theme over the last eight years is that Democratic party leaders were desperately seeking adult supervision. As an example, where was the adult in the room when:

  1. Ms. Rice decided to go on five national TV shows claiming the Benghazi attack was because of an obscure video.
  2. Ms. Clinton decided that all of the Secretary of State’s email should go through her private, unsecured email server.
  3. Ms. Brazile decided to pass one of the debate questions to the Clinton campaign before the debate.

These women maintain that they did nothing wrong but the country begs to differ. The country views this as a problem with honesty and trustworthiness. As an example here are two poll numbers about Ms. Clinton’s trustworthiness before the Democratic convention.

1) 68 percent say Clinton isn’t honest and trustworthy

That’s according to the CNN poll, and it’s her worst number on-record. It’s also up from 65 percent earlier this month and 59 percent in May. The 30 percent who see Clinton as honest and trustworthy is now well shy of the number who say the same of Trump: 43 percent.

You heard that right: Trump — he of the many, many Pinocchios — now has a large lead on Clinton when it comes to honesty and trustworthiness.

The CBS poll, for what it’s worth, has a similar number saying Clinton is dishonest: 67 percent.

Recognizing that the Democratic Party is suffering from a deficit of trust you would think that under no circumstances should Susan Rice undertake anything that would call into question her honesty and trustworthiness. In a totally unnecessary maneuver, she unmasked Trump campaign operatives and tainted the Obama legacy. Director Comey unmasking U. S. civilians as part of a criminal investigation might be understandable. The right-hand woman for President Obama unmasking Trump campaign operatives is the wrong person doing it for the wrong reasons.  She politicized the intelligence gathering operation. All of the worst fears with Patriot Act reauthorization have been fulfilled.  The intelligence gathering operation is being used to punish domestic political candidates. The Democratic party’s struggle with trustworthiness is worse than ever.