In Honor Of Pulling Out Of The #ParisAccord, My Favorite Cartoon About #ClimateChange

Dilbert Cartoon 2017-05-14Climate science is interesting because its data and models are so bad! My inner scientist says that there is nothing that screams lousy climate data and models more than bad predictions. This is a pretty good example of garbage in creating garbage out. The joke is that climate science was created to make weathermen feel good about themselves.  Oh wait, that joke is supposed to be about economists! When you combine climate science with economics, hilarious predictions will be forthcoming. There is no shame in climate science! Here is the transcript from the cartoon.

Boss: I invited a climate scientist to explain the risk of climate change to our company.

Climate Scientist: Human activity is warming the earth and will lead to a global catastrophe.

Dilbert: How do scientists know that?

Climate Scientist: It’s easy. We start with the basic science of physics and chemistry.

Climate Scientist: Then we measure changes in temperature and CO2 over time.

Climate Scientist: We put that data into dozens of different climate models and ignore the ones that look wrong to us.

Climate Scientist: Then we take that output and run it through long-term economic models of the sort that have never been right.

Dilbert: What if I don’t trust the economic models?

Climate Scientist: Who hired the science denier?