Confirmed Corona Virus Cases By County In Ohio – 2020-03-24

This graph is created using the numbers at the Corona Virus Case for Ohio page using R. Important things to notice:

  • This continues to be a big city disease right now. 75% of the confirmed cases are in either the Cleveland-Akron area(47%), Columbus area(16%), or the Cincinnati area(12%). By far the largest contributor to the Cincinnati increase was Hamilton county. The suburbs, Butler, Warren, and Clermont counties, were static.
  • Good News. The Cleveland-Akron area increased by only 38 new cases. Cincinnati increase by only 15 cases. These numbers imply a slowing rate of increase.
  • Bad News. Columbus increased by 39 new cases. These numbers imply an increasing rate of increase. The suburbs are part of this increase.
  • 44% of Ohio counties have no confirmed cases.