Does personal responsibility matter to Occupy Wall Street protesters?

I keep getting the sense that personal responsibility is pretty low on the protestors list of problems. Yea, I get the issue of a lack of good jobs. As a person who was unemployed for a long time after my attempt at running my own business failed, I understand the frustration and pain of the job search process. Despite having multiple degrees it took me awhile to figure out the problem. The problem was not banks, Federal government, or Corporate America. It was me. Although I had some good technical skills, some of the necessary skills I needed to run a small business were too weak. By the time I recognized my weaknesses it was too late. My key to success came when I decided that I was going to do what ever it takes to get the employment process moving. It might mean that I need to take a low paying, menial job but I was going to eat the humble pie I was served and restart my career. Fortunately for me I found a firm that needed my expertise. Actually they desperately needed my expertise. Some people might even say it was a match made in heaven.