Too Bad For McAuliffe, Transgender Bathrooms, Critical Race Theory, And Rape Are Linked By Politics

Transgender bathrooms and Critical Race Theory are linked together because they are pushed by the same people. So when the Loudon county rape gets linked to a recently enacted transgender bathroom policy, it is inevitable that Critical Race Theory and its proponents will get criticized, too. Shortly after the rape was exposed, Loudoun County, Virginia school board member, Beth Barts, who allegedly colluded with other school board members to push critical race theory resigned. It is tough enough to explain to parents that kids should be taught that racism is found in every situation and interaction. Answering parents’ rape questions concerning transgender bathrooms was probably too much to handle. Then we find out that the school board knowingly violated state law by not reporting sexual assaults. Was there a reason for not reporting sexual assaults other than it made transgender bathroom policies look bad? There may be a transgender bathroom policy that alleviates the risk to female students but the current Loudon County policy is not it. If Loudon County School District usurped parents’ responsibility to protect the students, does this make the School District criminally negligent? They knew the risks and ignored them. How do you prevent stupid from happening again?

There is no question that Loudon County board decision-making failed the students, parents, and teachers. From that aspect, it looks like a local problem. For the parents in other counties in Virginia, they have to wonder if this failed leadership is systemic? If Loudon County failed the students, what is my school board doing to prevent transgender rapes? A Virginia gubernatorial candidate, Terry McAuliffe, seems to have stepped into this mess with a politically inept statement when he said, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”  So if the parents are not supposed to fix flawed school policies, who is? Be careful with your answer! Parents have no tolerance for rape! A good politician will know the correct answer.

Is Common Core The Answer to Flat SAT Scores?

StateEducationTrendAndrew Coulson has published a new paper on State Education Trends. Here is a quote and graph from the paper. I guess this is not surprising but it begs the question whether common core is the answer.

The performance of 17-year olds has been essentially stagnant across all subjects despite a near tripling of the inflation adjusted cost of putting a child through the K-12 system.