The Mouse In The Pantry Is Dead

A couple of months ago a field mouse decided to take residence in our pantry. When we first noticed his presence we opted for a non-lethal strategy. Our plan was to remove his food supplies and hopefully he would decide to go elsewhere. The situation came to boil a couple of days on New Year’s Eve when I moved a Crock-Pot travel cover while trying to get to a pot and spilled a bunch of rice and lentils on the floor. This mouse was attempting to make a nest for the winter. That was not acceptable!

This mouse had somehow managed to escape our three barn cats we have downstairs and two cats we have upstairs. My solution was surprisingly simple. I work at a place that sells mouse deterrents amongst other products, so I bought some Bonide Mouse Magic and deployed two packets in the pantry. This is a natural solution to an age-old problem. Mice do not like the smell of mint or spearmint. To my surprise, the mouse decided to escape through the two house cats. Mint and spearmint oils do not kill mice. They do not like the smell. So the mouse tried to make a run for it. He did not make it and was caught. He is dead. Best of all, he was not partially eaten. Our barn cats would have eaten him and not left a trace. The field mouse is nature’s original power bar but house cats are really out of touch. So I was grateful our house cats did not try to eat him and then throw him up. There are no pretty solutions. Fortunately, my wife does not have a problem picking up the carcass and putting it in the trash. I could sleep in. Life is good!