How I manage Email viruses, SPAM, and Email overload

It is real easy to fill up your inbox. It is hard to filter through the junk. I use three products to manage my email, mailwasher, Yahoo mail, and Outlook. Just by subscribing to the SBS2K mailing list I am getting over 100 pieces of mail a day. Here is how I clean it up and keep my email storage growth to a minimum.

  1. I send all my inbound mail to my Yahoo mail account.
  2. I use mailwasher to scan and categorize the mail. I periodically delete the SPAM, porn, and viruses.
  3. I go into Yahoo mail to read the remaining mail and delete everything I do not plan on keeping.
  4. I retrieve the remaining mail from Yahoo into Outlook. NAV checks for viruses and Spamnet files any remaining spam. I file the remaining emails in the appropiate subject folder before making a reply. Outlook will automatically file replies in the folder of the original mail if you do it this way.

Valid Approaches To Content Management. IN A WORLD…where legacy content and gargantuan management systems routinely churn out inaccessible, invalid HTML…the liveSTORYBOARD CMS is a taking… [Buzz]

I enjoy reading Buzz. Today they talked about one of my favorite web subjects, content management. The livestoryboard product is interesting in the same sense that Radio Userland is interesting. Both products try to make dynamic content management easier. Radio Userland has great RSS integration but is focused on a single author. Livestoryboard is targeted at businesses with multiple authors. I have not investigated it thoroughly but it appears to generate quality web pages using XHTML, CSS, and XML. I like standards like XHTML because the web pages only break in old browsers. Both products are succeeding at driving the cost of content management down to reasonable levels.