How I manage Email viruses, SPAM, and Email overload

It is real easy to fill up your inbox. It is hard to filter through the junk. I use three products to manage my email, mailwasher, Yahoo mail, and Outlook. Just by subscribing to the SBS2K mailing list I am getting over 100 pieces of mail a day. Here is how I clean it up and keep my email storage growth to a minimum.

  1. I send all my inbound mail to my Yahoo mail account.
  2. I use mailwasher to scan and categorize the mail. I periodically delete the SPAM, porn, and viruses.
  3. I go into Yahoo mail to read the remaining mail and delete everything I do not plan on keeping.
  4. I retrieve the remaining mail from Yahoo into Outlook. NAV checks for viruses and Spamnet files any remaining spam. I file the remaining emails in the appropiate subject folder before making a reply. Outlook will automatically file replies in the folder of the original mail if you do it this way.