SQL2K Service Packs and Slammer

I started out on this adventure because of the recent notoriety of the Slammer/Saphire worm that wrecked havok over the weekend. I was pretty sure that my SQL2K server was not exposed to the internet. The free port scanner from Eeye.com did not indicate any problems with port 1433 or 1434 but I thought I should make sure and install the recently released SP3. SQL2K SP3 supposedly fixes several security problems including the Slammer worm. The service pack comes in three parts, database components, analysis services components, and desktop engine. The individual files range from 45 MB to 100 MB. In hindsight I could have skipped the desktop engine download since I now know that it is unlikely I will ever use it. When I ran the executable files for the database components and analysis components they created a folder for installing the service pack. I opened the folder and ran the setup file to install the service pack. To verify the installation I went to the Query Analyzer and checked the version. It was updated. I saw in the instructions that I could check the version of Analysis Services by checking the version shown in Analysis Manager. It still had the original version number. So I read the instructions again and found out that I had to a second setup file in the msolasp/install folder to update Analysis services. I ran the file and it failed with a severe error, “An error occurred during the move data process:-132”. I looked in the MS KB for more info and did not find any matches. I used Google to search the web for me and did not find any info. I tried to install the SP2 version I had on CD and it failed with the same error message. I removed SQL2K and installed a fresh copy. When I tried to apply SP3, it failed with the same error message. I was getting frustrated and was just about ready to spend some money on Microsoft when I decided to see what the installation log said before it failed. Maybe I would get lucky. I found a message in the log that complained about it being unable to shut down windows mgmt. I went to the services console, shut down the windows management service, and ran the update. It worked! The database and analysis services components are both at SP3.

I am a little puzzled why I could not find anyone who has had this problem before. I suspect that there aren't that many SBS2K folks running SQL2K. I guess that if SQL2K is important to a business they probably have it running on a separate computer. I noticed that windows mgmt had to shut exchange 2K down before it would shut down.