Transfer Files and Settings – Pt. II

Silly me! I tried to use the Transfer Files and Settings Wizard. I 've been burnt enough with computers to treat automated programs with considerable disdain. I guess I was hopeful that the state of the art had improved into being something useful. Okay, let me back up to the beginning of the problem. I installed SBS2K and used a new domain name for my network, wehuberconsultingllc.local, and a new userid, whuber. This is a common naming standard for business systems. This meant I was going to create a new userid on my XP system. Since I thought I had a fast enough machine and enough disk space, I thought I would give the Transfer Files and Settings Wizard another try. After a couple of tries I figured out I did not have enough disk space. I pointed the wizard at a new location and a couple of hours later I had 5 GB folder. I am confused! What is in that folder? I know it is not my documents. Surprise, surprise, when I try to restore the settings I do not have enough free space to expand the files. So I skip the restore and move my files manually.

Everything has been running fine until yesterday. I install the new version of Tax for Home and Business and try to rollover last year's data. It cannot find the data. I try to run Taxcut2001 for Business and it crashed with an error message that it cannot find the data. I try to Taxcut2000 and it fails with the same message. I compare the database folders for 2002 and 2001 and see that 2001 is missing an Access data base and some Word documents. Oh, no, Mister Bill, someone has stolen your files! I narrowed the suspects down to the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard. So last night I uninstalled VisualAge for Java program to free up some disk space and let the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard run over night. The files are back! Another learning experience.