Address already in use

It took me awhile but my server is finally back to normal. Since I installed the Software Update Server I have had a variety of problems besides the problem of it not working. The most persistent and annoying problem was with  the Internet Information Server and port 80. Port 80 is the normal port web traffic and it got screwed up. I think it had to do with IIS Lockdown but I am not sure. I do know that for the last two days whenever I tried to start up the default web site with port 80 it would give me the message, “address already in use”. IIS worked fine on port 81 and 82. Fport's report showed no program listening to the port. I searched the registry, the IIS metabase, and various knowlege bases on the internet for clues. Nothing worked. Late yesterday I noticed that Microsoft's Messenger could not login. This the corporate version of Messenger and it logs into Exchange 2000. I removed the lockdown settings again and still could not login. I reset the default server back to port 80 and rebooted the computer. This morning I noticed that the web server was running on port 80 and Messenger could login. I think I need to spend a lot more time with the IIS Lockdown white paper.