Textile, Tikitext, etc.

I did something foolish again! I decided that Textile was really neat and I needed it local. Textile is a tool to generate good html code from a simplified markup language. Since I would prefer to generate valid XHTML code for my postings this is a convient way to clean up the code. It's fast and convenient. I have become a fan of Textile. Recently I got nailed when I pushed the button to submit my code but my internet connection was disconnected. I lost all of my typing. So I started to investigate what it would take to make it part of Radio Userland. I ended up focusing on what it would take to make it run locally. Although I could set up to run off a server, I finally decided on running a local web page using PerlScript. PerlScript allows me to run Perl from IE without a server. I was looking at several other alternatives but this is what I really wanted. So I took the Textile web page and converted it over to run Perlscript. It took the better part of a day figuring out how PerlScript interfaces with form data but I got it to run. Documentation and FAQs are hard to find. I have a Perl module for Textile but that was mod'ed to be a plugin for Movable Type so I substituted a program called Tikitext. I will give Textile and Smarty Pants one last try tommorrow but Tikitext is adequate. This post was written on my local Tikitext web page.