Résumé Library works with cygwin…finally!

I finally got the makefile that drives résumélibrary to work completely. This really was a waste of time but I was curious. This java stuff had me going for awhile. Actually the big problem was with the path used in the classpath parameter when invoking java. It couldn't find the class to run it. I think I finally settled on the windows version of the path. My logic says it should have looked like the unix path since I am running it under cygwin but I was wrong. I ended up fixing up two shell scripts and having the makefile call them rather than running java directly as was written. I also modified the makefile to make the rtf in addition to the html, text, and pdf. The nice gui app the folks at xmlmind created to convert docbook to rtf ran without an obvious error message. However, the rtf file that was output was unchanged from the input. Oops! I got the cmdline version to run so I should be able to make the gui work, too.