Résumé Library

I finally got my résumé updated to work with the latest dtd from resumelibrary. I ended up installing cygwin, Xerces/Xalan, and modifying the classpath. I got conflicting recommendations on classpath. I ended up setting an environmental variable that pointed to the directory with the jar files. Sun thought I should enter the -classpath option on the command line. I tried both and the environmental variable was easier. Xalan immediately pointed out some dtd related errors and offered to upgrade my xml to the new version. The error messages are relatively good so far. I liked Mark Pilgrim's xsl but I can't use it with the new dtd. The new xsl is difficult to figure how to customize. On the whole, this exercise has been fruitful. I have successfully worked through an updated dtd, worked with two xml parsers, and improved my résumé quality and content.