Mark Pasc, Kit and Stapler

I finally worked with two of the tools that Mark Pasc has kindly provided to the Radio community. They can be found at I had been hacking around Radio trying to clean up some category web pages when I went back to his tools. I had installed them sometime ago but I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with them at the time. I first looked at kit and turned on the preference to allow me to past date my posts. I really wanted to force Radio to update the templates out on the internet since they were correct on my local website. I previously tried to publish the site and categories and was partially successful. One category got updated. While I was mucking around I checked out Stapler. It made more since this time when I read the help file so I set it up to read the news page at Legacy Farm. It worked so I setup the subscription in my news aggregator. That was cool! It gives me some ideas. While I was at it I realized that I was not subscribed to the default feeds for comments and errors so I set them up, too. That is when I realized some people had left comments. Oops!