What I'm reading!

It seems kind of funny how my reading preferences have changed over the last couple of years. For many years I was a prolific reader of the Wall Street Journal, technical magazines, and the internet. In the last couple of years I have become an avid book reader. I read several popular titles each year but many of the books are about Christianity. My style of reading has changed, too.  I used to try and finish reading a book before starting with another.  Of the five books I am reading right now, my favorites are: The Message by Eugene Peterson and The Journey of Desire by John Eldredge. The The Message tells the stories in the Bible in contemporary language. It makes the Bible more entertaining and sometimes we can glean more relevance from this interpretation that we might have overlooked in one of the standard versions. The Journey of Desire is an almost hypnotic voyage to core of our beliefs about who we are and what are our hopes. He quotes C. S. Lewis who summed it up: “We can only hope for what we desire”. The closer we get to understanding our desires, the closer we are to understanding ourselves and our actions. 

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