rss2rdf Transformation

I was playing with RSSOwl recently and saw what I thought were some problems in my rss feed for legacy farm. I cleaned up the date errors. Since the feed looked ugly in RSSOwl, I started to wonder about what the feed would look like if it was transformed into RSS 1.0. I eventually ended up at I took the rss2rdf.xsl (courtesy of Sjoerd Visscher) and ran it on my feed. Using XSLT to transform the feed is pretty cool! I validated the new feed on the Redland RSS 1.0 Validator. It had a couple of errors: title, link, and dates. The validator complained about the missing required fields: title and link. The title field was there but it used the Dublin core. My date fields had a different format and were being extracted incorrectly. I modified the xsl file and I now have a valid and correct RSS V1.0(i.e. RDF) feed. It still doesn't look good in RSSOwl but it is less ugly. Oh well! You can see the final product at