WWJD and John Kitna

At the 5th and 6th grade celebration the small group discussion was about what does WWJD really mean? I was surprised to find that this was a much harder subject for the kids to talk about. They answered the small group questions easily but the discussion between the leaders and the kids quickly lost its focus. Later when I was reviewing the night with a couple of the leaders I mentioned that Jon Kitna wears a WWJD bracelet. Jon Kitna is the quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals. I can imagine that the pressure on a professional quarterback by the media and his teamates to deliver wins is tremendous. Life is probably pretty confusing and lonely for a professional quarterback. Sometimes the difference between being a hero or a goat hinges on one play. In a week most people will have forgotten the play and the game. I believe Jon wears the bracelet to remind himself who he is and what his goals in life are. I cannot help but think that the bracelet helps him get his feet back on the ground and be the man he always has been and always will be. The key to being a great player and person is to humble yourself to the game, your opponents, the coaches, and your teammates. It is not about doing less but about doing more by focusing on the good things in the game and life. Humbleness allows you to see the world clearer and make the right decisions. The key to unlock the humbleness inside us is to imagine what Jesus would do. I think this works for Jon both on the field and off.