Individual versus Team sports

We had an interesting conversation at the dinner table tonight. I asked my son what his wrestling partner needed to do to improve. My wife broke in and said he needed to change wrestling partners if he wanted to improve. That surprised me! She saw her first wrestling match a week ago. She then gave us a lecture on why he should pick a heavier partner but not to heavy. She had some interesting points but there is no reason to rush into major changes. This is his first season. Watching my son wrestle and play hockey has been an enlightning experience for me. Naturally I enjoyed wrestling because I was good at it. A less obvious reason was that I was responsible for winning or losing. Recently I have heard several people echo the same comment on responsibility. A loss in a team sport leaves you with fuzzy feelings about responsibility. I think my son has begun to to enjoy wrestling for the same reasons. He enjoys winning. He enjoys being responsible. The success he has had at wrestling has giving him a lot of self confidence in his ability to check the bigger guys in hockey. I think I see the benefits of a team sport much better than when I was growing up. The teamwork required on a sports team is very similar to that required in the business world. The process on humbling yourself to the team's needs develops great character and great teams. I wish I knew this when I was in high school.