CSS Hacks (dithered.com)

Because of the generally crappy CSS standards support in modern browsers, a number of techniques have been developed to hide CSS stylesheets, rules, and declarations from browsers that won't understand or will mis-interpret them, or to set different values to the same CSS property in different browsers in order to acheive the same appearance on all (or most) browsers. On these pages, I've collected a number of these techniques (usually called filters or hacks) and documented what browsers they work on. The W3C validator may reject code that appears to follow the letter of the emerging CSS3 standards. In such cases, I've assumed that the filter is valid CSS. In the summary tables, the background color of the CSS Version column indicates whether each filter passes the W3 validator or not (green = validates; red = doesn't) so that you can stick to filters that have been given this official seal of approval (I've removed all the obviously non-valid hacks to their own section).

This is a nice link to have in your web developers toolbox.

RegExpr and Mailwasher

I finally got around to working on a RegExpr for my mailing lists in Mailwasher. I am averaging about 150 pieces mail a day and 80% is spam. The problem is that I am not consistent on my filtering and some mail is getting deleted. For some of the mailing lists I put them in my whitelist. For the rest I filter on the 'To', 'From', or 'Subject' fields using the contains operator. The contains operator is okay but I use up a rule for every mailing list and each filter is limited to ten rules. I could create more filters but I like to see the summary count of my mailing list mail in the mail statistics. Using RegExpr for some of this filtering seems like a better idea. To help me get it right I downloaded RegCoach and opened my Programming Perl book. The biggest problem was to escape the metacharacters(e.g. [ ] .). My initial testing showed the new rules to be working but I will continue to tweak and start disabling entries in the friends list.

Parrot's Kick Ass. I didn't know parrots could live to be this old. I just hope that if I make it to 104,… [IMAO]

This is way too funny! Winston Churchill's parrot is the oldest living bird in England and Winston taught it to cuss at Hitler and the Nazi's. Although the bird is called Charlie she is a female.