RegExpr and Mailwasher

I finally got around to working on a RegExpr for my mailing lists in Mailwasher. I am averaging about 150 pieces mail a day and 80% is spam. The problem is that I am not consistent on my filtering and some mail is getting deleted. For some of the mailing lists I put them in my whitelist. For the rest I filter on the 'To', 'From', or 'Subject' fields using the contains operator. The contains operator is okay but I use up a rule for every mailing list and each filter is limited to ten rules. I could create more filters but I like to see the summary count of my mailing list mail in the mail statistics. Using RegExpr for some of this filtering seems like a better idea. To help me get it right I downloaded RegCoach and opened my Programming Perl book. The biggest problem was to escape the metacharacters(e.g. [ ] .). My initial testing showed the new rules to be working but I will continue to tweak and start disabling entries in the friends list.