RE: Men on “marriage strike”?

Frankly I have a low interest in the Marriage Amendment because I believe it is not a major cause of the decline of marriage. Here is an interesting study courtesy by Carey Roberts. For someone who’s wife had a child after 34 the fact that men are delaying or completely avoiding marriage is a serious problem.

Carey Roberts has some sobering news from the marriage front. According to a Rutgers Univ. study, just released, of attitudes of American men, ages 25-34, toward marriage:

Among those men, 53% said they were not interested in getting married anytime soon — the marriage delayers. That figure alone is cause for concern.

But this is the statistic that every American who wants to strengthen and protect marriage should be worried about: 22% of the men said they had absolutely no interest in finding their Truly Beloved. The report described these guys as “hardcore marriage avoiders.”

When almost one-quarter of single men in their prime courting years — that’s two million potential husbands — declare a Marriage Strike, we’re facing an unprecedented social crisis.

Why are these men refusing to marry? Some of their reasons are spelled out in the 2002 report:

— “Some men express resentment towards a legal system that grants women the unilateral right to decide to terminate a pregnancy … There is also a mistrust of women who may ’trap’ men into fathering a child by claiming to be sterilized, infertile or on the pill.”

— “Many men also fear the financial consequences of divorce…They fear that an ex-wife will ’take you for all you’ve got’ and that ’men have more to lose financially than women’ from a divorce.” …

Four decades ago, radical feminists, taking their cue from Marxist-Leninist theory, decreed that marriage was nothing more than gender slavery. Claiming to speak on behalf of American women, feminists set out to radically rework — or even do away with — the age-old social contract of marriage. And women, mesmerized by the ephemeral promise of liberation and empowerment, opted to go along for the ride.

Now, feminists are succeeding beyond their wildest dreams. And women are left to wonder why their Prince Charming is nowhere to be found.

You know, “be careful what you wish for . . .”
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