Knight Ridder Gets It Wrong(Why the political agendas by the news media encourages sloppy journalism)

Stephen Hayes takes Knight Ridder to task over sloppy journalism. I do not mind too much that I continue to find the major media producers to have a political agenda or “view” as the New York Times put it. I do mind that it encourages sloppy journalism. Here is part of Stephen's comments:

The authors continue:

In its report, the Senate Intelligence Committee affirmed CIA analyses that found that while there had been contacts between al-Qaida and Iraqi intelligence officials during the 1990s, “these contacts did not add up to an established relationship.”

Again, not true. The report is misquoted. According to Conclusion 93 of the Senate Intelligence Committee report the “contacts did not add up to an established formal relationship.” [emphasis added] How many terrorist groups have “established formal relationships” with their state sponsors? State sponsors often–but not always–prefer to keep their terrorist connections loose and informal so that they might avoid detection, deniability being a major goal of states that use terrorists to do their dirty work.