Curiouser and curiouser

A new poll suggests people around the world prefer US Democratic challenger John Kerry to President Bush.

[Via BBC News | News Front Page | World Edition] I have been pondering the very strong feelings some people have against President Bush. A couple of months ago I saw a television interview with Senator Byrd during the Democratic convention. He was pissed off with the President but from my viewpoint was completely unable to explain the reasons for his animosity. The interviewer probed the Senator several times trying to get a more definitive answer but the Senator was unable to articulate a reason. I found this very curious since I did not think he was trying to avoid the question. Two nights ago I saw an interview with William Buckley who commented that the most curious aspect of this election is the fervent animosity felt towards the President by some people. Recently I have been fussing at my wife about watching ABC News. She watches ABC news, gets upset, and does not no why. That is not good for me! I find it curious that ABC and the other major news media have become even more biased this year. I prefer the journalism style of PBS. I also find that the internet allows you to easily develop a more thorough knowlege on certain issues. Although I do not watch the national news media on a regular basis, I have watched enough broadcasts to notice a few trends. I have begun to sense a little bitterness and frustration in their broadcasts. The more they try to make the case for Kerry the worse he does in the polls. Despite their best efforts to mold the political view of their viewers, the more they get rejected. In an unintentional way they have energized the electorate against Kerry. Considering the power of television over other media this has got to be embarrassing. President Bush gets a convention "bounce" where Kerry does not. The fact that the cable based Fox News Channel had higher ratings than ABC, NBC, and CBS has to bugging someone running the networks. Their bias appears to be hurting Kerry and the bottom line of the networks. Recently I have begun to think that biased reporting and story selection by the national networks and news wires are probably the cause for this fervent animosity. I find it curious that there is such a difference in opinion on what is news. This was most apparent when I felt the story about Abu Ghraib was way overdone by the national news media. I checked Yahoo News and the BBC and they had long since moved on to other stories. This brings up another point. It is not hard for me to check out the stories on the internet and hear both sides of the story. For the people who do not have the ability or the desire to check up on the stories, they end up dangling in the wind when they hear there is an opposing view. In fact they are probably surprised! I think this leaves these people feeling very frustrated and inarticulate since they know deep inside they have not tried to hear both sides of the story. They are mad but they just do not know why!