Winds of Change.NET: Special Analysis: The Bush Doctrine

Fortunately, Indepundit's summary reduces its essentials to simple language. Indepundit's post has deeper links and background, but let's recap the key points:

  1. We reject moral relativism, and we will fight for and actively promote freedom and liberty in the Islamic world.
  2. The friends of our enemies are also our enemies. If your regime is supporting terrorists, you're making yourself our enemy.
  3. We reserve the right to hit our enemies before they can strike us.
  4. We will not support, and may not even deal with, those who continue to support terrorism.
    So far, so good. But we also need to add a 5th point…
  5. Terror-supporting nations must not be allowed to acquire atomic weapons, or to pursue threatening biological or chemical weapons programs. "Proliferators" who enable their programs must also be stopped.