Losing the Enlightenment

From the Claremont Institute: A civilization that has lost confidence in itself cannot confront the Islamists.

Link to Losing the Enlightenment

This is an interesting article whose premise is that our self-loathing is the ultimate source of strength for radical Islamists. He makes a persuasive case. The political middle ground and shared values that was a great strength of this society seem harder to find each passing day. Everybody has their own “facts”. With these facts it is easy to be a journalist. If you cannot convince the “other side” with your reasoning, then you need to raise the volume and shout them down. Not everybody is cut out to be a journalist. There is not a lot of humility in today’s society or our writing. Our cyncism that has convinced us that the elected official is often the lesser of two evils. It is hard to be optimistic about our elected officials ability to lead with such a resounding vote of confidence.