Skillet Jambalaya

Finally on my second try at Skillet Jambalaya I think I got it right. I was real optimistic  about this Cooks Illustrated recipe. My family has developed a real fondness for the Skillet Lasagna. Having spent eighteen years on the Gulf coast, we have also developed a fondness for Cajun food. The idea of a fresh and quicker approach to Jambalaya was very appealing.

I think this recipe is fine but I think my execution was much better the second time. It was not hard to see that the second dish was turning out much better. It looked and smelled delicious. Unwilling to leave good things alone, I decided to liven it up with a little Emeril’s Essence before serving. This worked well and complemented the natural flavors of the dish.  However, I think l will toss a little Essence with the shrimp before cooking next time. Shrimp can be pretty bland. The only thing worse than bland shrimp is bland and overcooked shrimp. I am borrowing this technique for seasoning shrimp from Emeril’s recipe for Shrimp Étouffée. Each shrimp becomes a flavor burst.