Flood the Desert of My Heart

This is another prayer that speaks to me. I have vowed to be prepared to give the closing prayer at our Habitat board meetings. In my case it is a written prayer that is prepared in advance. Some people are so natural when they are asked to pray. For them praying is as natural and easy as breathing. When I am asked to pray for others I panic. If the panic is strong enough I ask others to lead the prayer. It is especially frustrating that I cannot give a spontaneous prayer that echoes what I am feeling in my heart.  Trying to avoid drinking from the prayer cup does not seem to be an option to me. It has taken me some time but I have finally humbled myself to the fact that I will be called on to publicly pray for others and I need help. I am uncomfortable with this path but I trust that God has a plan for people like me. Maybe someday I will be as natural in prayer as other people.

O Lord,
I confess that I too often disregard my responsibility
to be an instrument in your hands.
I shrug my shoulders at others’ pain.
I run away from those in suffering.

Forgive me for my spiritual laziness and irresponsibility. 
Expose my warped explanations and excuses for sin and shallowness.
Weed out my sinful thoughts and actions.
Break the sinful patterns that too often entangle me and keep me from ministering as I should.

Thank you for your kingdom, your grace, your coming to rescue your creation.
Fill me with your grace and love, 
and make me a vessel through which new creation can flow out to others.
Flood the desert of my parched heart with your living water,
and may you overflow my cup so that I will be a blessing to others.
Set me apart for your purposes.
Make me into a treasured instrument for the benefit of your kingdom.

– Trevin Wax

Flood the Desert of My Heart