El Chiguire Bipolar strikes again: Obama fourth US black President

From a blog that “focuses on the problems of an underdeveloped country, Venezuela, with some serendipity about the world (orchids, techs, science, investments, politics) at large”, we get a little political humor.

Humor webpage El Chiguire Bipolar had one of its funniest posts this week when it posted that Barack Obama would become the fourth black President of the US, as shown in the picture:

The text said:
Barack Obama turned into the fourth black US President, when he obtained more than the required 270 electoral votes. Many analysts coincide that Obama will have to maneuver around a number of assassination attempts, metorite impacts and extraterrestrial invasions in the first few days of his mandate: "I only hope he does better than my brother David said former President Wayne Palmer.
For US political analysts, it is quite common that black Presidents face extraordinary situations such as the imminent destruction of the world a few days after assuming the Presidency and this will be no exception. "I don’t know if it is a matter of racism on the part of nature or the terrorists, I don’t think so, but black Presidents seem to have more things happening to them than white ones, said Carl Rove, a Republican collaborator…"

El Chiguire Bipolar strikes again: Obama fourth US black President
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Sat, 08 Nov 2008 03:53:54 GMT