Boston Lager: Imported from Cincinnati

CINCINNATI – A man named Charles Koch toiled away as a brewer’s apprentice at the old Schoenling brewery, not knowing that one day his son would buy the entire operation. Today the sign on the Over-the-Rhine brewery says it all: "The Boston Beer Company — Cincinnati Brewery."

Roughly one out of every three bottles of Samuel Adams Boston Lager is brewed here. Most of the rest is brewed in Pennsylvania. The company’s brewery in Boston is primarily for research and development, specialty brews, and tours.

But that’s just the end of the Samuel Adams story. It begins in the attic of a Mt. Lookout home, where for decades young Jim Koch slept directly below the recipe that would one day make him rich and famous.

"The recipe for Sam Adams actually came from my father’s attic which was here in Cincinnati," recalls Koch, cradling a glass of Boston Lager in the brewery where his father once labored.

Boston Lager: Imported from Cincinnati.



Correlation doesn't imply causation, but it does waggle its eyebrows suggestively and gesture furtively while mouthing 'look over there'.

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I got a good chuckle out of this. But then I find the blog, Climate Audit, and the article by Bruce McCullough and Ross McKitrick entitled, Check the numbers; From the U. S. subprime crisis to global warming, bad research is driving disastrous public policy, to be integral and necessary to complete the scientific method. 

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El Chiguire Bipolar strikes again: Obama fourth US black President

From a blog that “focuses on the problems of an underdeveloped country, Venezuela, with some serendipity about the world (orchids, techs, science, investments, politics) at large”, we get a little political humor.

Humor webpage El Chiguire Bipolar had one of its funniest posts this week when it posted that Barack Obama would become the fourth black President of the US, as shown in the picture:

The text said:
Barack Obama turned into the fourth black US President, when he obtained more than the required 270 electoral votes. Many analysts coincide that Obama will have to maneuver around a number of assassination attempts, metorite impacts and extraterrestrial invasions in the first few days of his mandate: "I only hope he does better than my brother David said former President Wayne Palmer.
For US political analysts, it is quite common that black Presidents face extraordinary situations such as the imminent destruction of the world a few days after assuming the Presidency and this will be no exception. "I don’t know if it is a matter of racism on the part of nature or the terrorists, I don’t think so, but black Presidents seem to have more things happening to them than white ones, said Carl Rove, a Republican collaborator…"

El Chiguire Bipolar strikes again: Obama fourth US black President
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Comic for July 12, 2008

Although I was not naive enough to believe a MBA would get me promoted, I continue to find that many people are impressed with it as a credential and accomplishment. Let’s just say that employers occasionally separate candidates on their educational background even if it occurred a long time ago.

Comic for July 12, 2008
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Some people are just determined to be… odd.

A man and woman came in yesterday for lunch, he wanted a Cobb salad. But he did not want chicken, bacon, avocado, or blue cheese. Which basically leaves egg and lettuce. To be helpful, his server suggested a less expensive alternative of a plain salad with egg. That made him mad. She apologized. He demanded she bring him the Cobb Salad.

The woman sitting across from him asked if we used clam juice in our clam chowder, and could she get a bowl without clams. Apparently she’s allergic to shellfish.

I am going to start a fund and pay people like this not to eat here.

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Intelligence Analyst Challenges Good Friday ‘Spin’

(2007-04-06) ”” While Christians around the world gather for so-called “Good Friday” observances, an intelligence analyst studying primary source documents challenged the “irrational exuberance of the true believers,” and said his research to date indicates things did not go according to plan.

“At this point, you have a leader in whom a lot of people had placed their hopes, who failed miserably,” said the unnamed source who is in the process of translating and exploiting the documents. “There’s no progress ”” no movement at all. It’s a classic case of a bad plan, poorly executed. A rational person would ask, ”˜What’s so good about it?’”

The source said that “while fanatics encourage taking a longer term hopeful view of the situation, and try to position the conflict as an epic struggle between good and evil in which good ultimately triumphs, the immediate reality on the ground shows the enemy has won, the plan lies in ruin and the way forward is blocked by an immovable obstacle. Any way you look at it, it’s a dark day.”

“You can call it Good Friday if you wish,” he said, “but that’s just spin. I can’t say it any clearer, ”˜It is finished.’”

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