The Myth of ‘Market Failure’ in Health Care

Eighteen years ago when my son was born I came to the conclusion that health care was a very strange animal that appeared to be immune to the common sense practices used by businesses. Sadly the situation has gotten worse over the years and the present forms of “health care reform” look like they will aggravate the health care cost situation. I find both David Goldhill’s arguments in the video interview and the Cato Policy Analysis paper well thought out and more likely to improve the health care crisis than any other plan I have read.

One argument in favor of a government overhaul of the health care system is that the free market had its chance, and failed when it comes to providing the best possible care.  But as David Goldhill discovered while researching for the September cover article in The Atlantic, the United States has anything but a free-market health care system.

He explains his findings below:

For real market-based reform, see Cato’s new Policy Analysis, “Yes, Mr. President: A Free Market Can Fix Health Care.

The Myth of ”˜Market Failure’ in Health Care
Chris Moody
Fri, 30 Oct 2009 18:55:05 GMT